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Before You Paint or Stain, Waterproof Exterior Wood from the Inside Out with Our 100%  Non-Toxic Organic Wood Preservatives & Sealers, Wood Stains, and other Wood Treatment Products

spacerSeal It Green organic wood treatment products are safe and spacer spacernon-toxic to people, pets and the planet. Our natural spacer spacerpesticides offer home owners treated woodspacer spaceralternatives that are 100% non-toxic. All of our non-toxicspacer spacerwood treatment products for deck andspacer spacergarden applications feature perpetual protection. spacer

Are you looking for more than just clear sealer?

Xtreme Total Wood Sealants - Tint Colors

Seal It Green also offers are variety of sealer tints which include: Black Lava, Cedar, Chestnut, Fruitwood, Gunstock, Ipswich, Puritan, Redwood, Riverwood, Sierra, Stone, and Walnut.

XTREME Total Wood Sealer is a stabilizer that is specially designed for both interior and exterior applications.

XTREME Total Wood Sealer has been proving its worth as a wood stabilizer for over 30 years. Manufactured in the United States, and distributed worldwide, XTREME Total Wood Sealer is being used because of its durability around the world. XTREME Total Wood Sealer  has proven to be an effective treatment for exterior wood providing unmatched water repellent and dimensional stability, as well as powerful mold and fungal resistance.

spacerOur Seal it Green XTREME products are unique in spacer spacer that our oils offer homeowners what most other wood spacer spacerprotection products cannot: up to 55, 65 spacer spacerand even 75 SPF with 17 colors to spacer spacerchoose from. They provide a broad spacer spacerspectrum fungicide immediately stopping spacer spacermold and fungus growth all while preventing pesky spacer spacerinsects including termites, carpenter ants spacer spacerand wood borers. They will keep your wood stable by spacer spacermigrating to the core ensuring less checking, cracking, spacer spacersplitting, cupping and warping. Plus the extremely easy spacer spacerapplication with minimal maintenance ensures professional spacer spacerresults every time! Use on all your projects: siding, decks, spacer spacerfascia, fences, outdoor furniture (wood or plastic) or any spacer spacerother product including any kind of wood be it hard, soft or exotic. spacer