About Seal It Green Sealants

About Seal It Green 100% Non-Toxic Organic Sealants & Cleaning Products

Seal it Green started as an exhausting attempt to find a non-toxic GREEN sealer that actually worked on Bamboo products after many other products failed rapidly.

Dealing with Bamboo and other materials, we had to become experts in the sealing and coating industry in order to discover the right product that we could be confident in to suit our needs.

After thorough research and testing, we finally discovered a product that not only works amazing on Bamboo, but even better on concrete, composite, and all other wood products.

During our process of developing our Seal it Green Sealant Business we had also come to realize that maintaining and cleaning were just as important as sealing and protecting all materials.  So in addition to our sealant products, a non-toxic GREEN cleaning solution was found.

We at Seal it Green are proud to say that we have come up with a solution for all your GREEN cleaning, and sealing needs.

Seal it Green provides the safest non-toxic products that are easy to apply, and gentle to not only your family and pets, but the environment as well.


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