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Seal It Green Non-Toxic Sealants & Organic Cleaning Solutions – Product Information

Seal It Green offers organic wood treatment products that are safe and non-toxic to people, pets and the planet.  Our natural pesticides offer homeowners treated wood alternatives that are 100% non-toxic.  All of our non-toxic wood treatment products for deck and garden applications feature perpetual protection.

Shop our online store for Wood Treatment products such as Bamboo Wood Sealants, Total Wood Sealants, Exotic Wood Sealants, Composite Wood Sealants and Marine Wood Sealants and Protection.

We also offer organic 100% non-toxic Concrete and Masonry sealant protection, organic Cleaning Solutions and Cleaning Equipment for Exterior, Interior and Marine as well as organic Pest Control products.

Please visit Seal It Green’s Product Gallery or Product Videos for more tips and information on how to use our products. Also, be sure to see our Seal It Green MSDS and our Seal It XTREME MSDS.