XTREME Composite/PVC Wood Sealer – 1 gallon

$135.00 $123.00

5.00 out of 5

Area Coverage for Composite 400-600 Square Feet
Area Coverage for PVC 600-1200 Square Feet

Clear – 1 gallon – $123.00

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XTREME Composite / PVC Sealer

Area Coverage for Composite 400-600 Square Feet
Area Coverage for PVC 600-1200 Square Feet

What is cellular PVC or Vinyl decking and how is it different from Composite decking?

Cellular PVC decking was formerly considered Composite decking.

In most cases, PVC is a much higher end product than standard Composite decking. Composite decking now is made up mostly of cellulosic (wood dust) material and polypropylene or other recycled plastics. XTREME Composite/PVC Sealer was accidently found to bring color back to PVC Decking Furniture, and Window and Door Trim .

Using a clear coat of Xtreme Composite brings back 90% of the color of your decking. You can even change your deck to a different color. We recommend using clear to bring back the original color, but you can also use one of our many tints. Please call our number for technical help and choosing the right tint.

Composite Decking Note:

If you see organic material in your deck board it is a composite deck, not vinyl or PVC.

Please consult with your decking manufacturer to determine the make-up of your deck and to see if XTREME is right for use on your decking material.

Note:  This product is not recommended for ramps.

Instructions for Application:

  • Apply sealant with a sponge brush or microfiber pad or garden hose sprayer.
  • Apply two thin coats. Let first coat dry then apply second coat.
  • Sealer will take 1-3 days to dry depending on the weather.
  • Clean Up: Use hot soapy water to clean up brushes or messes.

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Weight 8 lbs

2 reviews for XTREME Composite/PVC Wood Sealer – 1 gallon

  1. 5 out of 5


    We recently used this product on our TimberTech composite deck and I wanted to give some feedback on our experience. Our deck’s color was very faded and the original sealer was gone.

    1. Product was very easy to apply to our deck.
    2. After 24 hours it provided a great seal to the deck, water immediately puddled on the deck with no absorption into the deck material.
    3. We ordered the product with a Chestnut tint and it provided an extremely even and beautiful color to the deck.
    4. We applied it with a foam roller and brush and there were no roller or brush marks. The product applied very evenly, looks as good as the original TimberTech material. We applied the Xtreme product to 500 sq ft of our deck in 3 hours.
    5. This is a DIY project that any homeowner can do with no concern about failure to do it right.

    1. One gallon of Xtreme only covered 500 sq ft, not 1200 sq ft as advertised. However due to the condition of our deck the absorption rate may have been higher that some other deck material such as wood.

    Overall we are very pleased with the results and have ordered two more gallons to complete our deck which is approximately 1200 sq ft. I would say that the Xtreme is a 5 star product but could not be positive about that until I see how well the product holds up over time.

    Some may think that the product is a little expensive but as our deck cost over $10,000 in material alone, $400 to refurbish it is not a great expense if the Xtreme product lasts as long as advertised. We installed our deck 6 years ago and the Timber Tech material color faded badly within 3.5 years. It faded from the original Teak color to a very light pinkish tan color.

    I sent several emails with questions about Xtreme and also sent pictures of our deck to your company and was very pleased with the advise I received. Great customer service which is appreciated. I am also going to forward an email to TimberTech stating that your Xtreme product worked well on our deck. They are very hesitant to advise their customers on how to refurbish their material and what product can be used to do so. Perhaps it can help other Timber Tech customers to renew their deck.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. 5 out of 5


    My Timber Tech deck was about 8 years old and was badly faded. I have a very large deck. I bought 2 gallons and applied back to back days. I would suggest to put on when early before the sun beats down. It was much easier to put on more evenly when sun is not beating down in the hot part of the day. The deck came out perfect and restored the original color. Beautiful color and the water beads up. We are Extremely happy with the results. I used a clear finish so I could get the same color as we had before. RATE 5 STARS.

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