XTREME Wood End Sealer – 1 gallon

$85.95 $75.95

Area Coverage for Composite 400-800 Square Feet per Gallon

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XTREME Wood End Sealer

80% Of all problems steming from moisture Ingress and Egress, in liquid or gas phase come from end cuts, the pores are like straws sucking.

Decks are being tore off at half there life because the ends are rotting out.

Now with Seal It Green XTREME End Sealer it is easier than ever, no dobbers to get hung up on, no gallon buckets to spill, simply spray with our easy spray bottles

Seal It Green XTREME End Sealer helps to prevent end checking on all softwoods and hardwoods including: Tigerwood Ipe, Cumaru,Cypress, Cedar, Pressure treated, and Redwood.

Seal It Green XTREME End Sealer helps to stabilize wood preventing twisting, cupping, and bowing at a considerable rate.

If you have tried Ipe oil and anchor seal you must try this.

Instructions for Application:

  • Apply sealant with a sponge brush or microfiber pad or garden hose sprayer.
  • Apply two thin coats. Let first coat dry then apply second coat.
  • Sealer will take 1-3 days to dry depending on the weather.
  • Clean Up: Use hot soapy water to clean up brushes or messes.

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Weight 8 lbs
Tint Color

Clear, Black Lava, Cedar, Chestnut, Fruitwood, Gunstock, Ipswich, Puritan, Redwood, Riverwood, Sierra, Stone, Walnut


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