Seal It Green vs Seal it Xtreme

Seal It Green vs. Seal It Green XTREME

Which Product Should I Use?

Seal It Green Wood Treatment (non-toxic formula) vs. Seal It Green XTREME

Both products do very much the same thing but with two very big differences:

Seal It Green Wood Treatment (non-toxic formula)

  • Wood Treatment can be applied to wet wood.
  • Wood Treatment can be applied indoor/outdoor near people and pets without fear of harmful vapors.
  • Adding color to your project can now be done with our new formula.

Seal It Green XTREME Formulas

  • Wood must be lower than 17% moisture content unless you are using kiln-drying formula or Tree Carver.
  • Added color to Xtreme enhances the natural beauty of wood grain instead of covering it up.
  • Sun block up to 55, 65 and 75.
  • 17 colors to choose from.
  • Xtreme has a broader spectrum of Biocide immediately stopping mold and fungus growth. In some instances Xtreme will remove existing mold or blue fungi on the substrate.

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