Seal It Green Plant Based vs. Xtreme

Seal It Green PLANT BASED vs. Seal It Green XTREME

Which Product Should I Use?

Seal It Green Plant Based Wood Treatment vs. Seal It Green Xtreme

Both products are high performance sealers and do very much the same thing but with some very big differences:

Seal It Green Plant Based Formulas ARE:

  • Non Toxic And Made From Plant Derived Ingredients
  • Zero VOC
  • No Toxic Vapors
  • Won’ Leach Into The Soil When Dry
  • Deep Penetrating
  • Performs Equal To Or Better Than Our Extreme Formula
  • Outperforms Even Big Name Traditional/Toxic Chemistries
  • Wood Needs To Be Dry But Not As Critical As With Extreme
  • High Performance Tints Available Soon

Seal It Green XTREME Formulas

  • Wood Must Be Lower Than 17% Moisture Content Unless You Are Using Our Tree Carver Formula.
  • Contains Plant Based And Synthetic Ingredients
  • VOC Compliant
  • Outperforms The Competition
  • Excellent Penetration

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